Monday, November 4, 2013

Dried Fuyu Persimmon


Fuyu persimmons are my favorite fall fruit that I can’t hardly wait to pick them. And I can tell you this. I am a lucky woman. Because my persimmon tree is loaded for me to enjoy every years since it’s grown enough to produce beautiful orange hue fruit. And the tree is barely 7 feet tall! In fact, not only me who enjoy the persimmons, the hubby has become a fan of persimmon as well (because he couldn’t stand seeing me love to eat them too much, so he tried and……voila!)

I remember last time I posted simple persimmon gallett and it was delicious. I’m thinking of making it again actually or I might make persimmon pie or persimmon cinnamon coffee cake!
  Sounds good, eh? 


When I was still employed, one of my colleague brought me a small ziploc bag of dried persimmon, which he made it himself. I swear to myself that one of these day I would try to dehydrate my own persimmon. But the chance of doing that has never come true. The hubby and I love to eat them fresh, just like eating an apple, and we eating them like crazy. Yeah, like crazy!  

So, this is it. This year, this time, this moment, I am going to dry my persimmons!!!

I cut up my persimmon and didn’t even realize how much I have cut them already. As far as I knew, I have filled up all the trays to go into the dehydrator machine which took me the whole morning to finish it up.    


 I left the machine run for about 10 hours. However, I have checked them in between because my nerves wouldn’t let me stay still. Well, some of them were ready but some were not. I guessed that was because my inconsistency when I cut them, because I cut them with a knife. They came out in different size in thickness. Oh well! So, I took those that were ready out of the machine and let it run for another couple hours for those that were still moist.
And the result? Oh yes!
One thing I know that I have gone c-r-a-z-i-e-r about persimmons! 

How to:

As much or as little of fresh Fuyu persimmons
A sharp knife or a mandolin slicer if you have one
A dehydrator machine

- clean your persimmons and slice about 3/4” thick. Peel or unpeeled, you decide – I didn’t peel mine.
- arrange in single layer on each tray and put them back to the dehydrator
- left the machine run for at least 8 hours or more if you like your persimmon in the drier side. 


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