Monday, February 13, 2012

Steamed Egg "Soufflé’" with Baby Shrimp Breakfast

When I was a child living in Thailand, I remembered my dad made this steamed egg for breakfast that only had 3 ingredients -- egg, soy sauce, and chopped scallions on top, and I just adored and loved it so much! I loved the subtle texture with a little bit of saltiness from soy sauce mixing with the sweetness from egg created the soup-like broth at the bottom that was just so delicate to me.  
However, my busy life today makes me stop eating breakfast in the morning and turns me into the coffee-addict for many years and counting… It’s just a bad habit that I developed for decades -- grab a cup of coffee and run out of the door as fast as I can so I won’t be late for work…what‘s an excuse!!! 
Anyway, the past weekend morning I got out of the bed on the bright side - I guessed! – so I wanted to make something nice for breakfast when I had some times to sit down and enjoyed the morning like this, after a cup of coffee, of course! ^__^

What you need:    for 2 servings 

4 eggs 
½ cup salad size baby shrimp cooked 
¼ cup chicken stock 
¼ cup mushrooms - any kind 
2 tbsp red bell pepper chopped into small pieces 
2 tbsp light soy sauce 
¼ scallions chopped 
ground white pepper 
2 tsps Fried shallots 

How to:

1. Set the steamer on the high-heat.
2. Beaten eggs until it turn into the smooth consistency texture
3. Stir in soy sauce, chopped scallions, red bell pepper, chicken stock, ground white pepper, and mushroom to combine
4. Slightly spray the ramekins with cooking spray or brush with oil, pour the egg mixture equally into the ramekins just about the inside-top rim of the ramekins
5. Carefully place the ramekins into the hot boiling steamer and steam for 3 minutes and then arrange shrimp on the top of each and cover and let it continue steaming for another 10-15 minutes
6. Garnish with fried shallot and cilantro leaf before serving


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