Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mango Coconut Pudding

The weather is heating up with clear skies and plenty of sunshine since yesterday.  Well, I guess summer has started in LA.  It’s soooo awesome.  And when it’s summer, it means there are plenty of fresh summer produces and fresh fruits out there in the supermarkets and farmer markets around city.  I'd be like a little kid in a candy store every single time when I see all the colorful fresh strawberries, blueberries, peaches, melons, and yellow gold manila mangoes.  I become a fruit hoarder all the sudden. 

I bought home some manila mangoes with the plan of making mango cake.  But my mood has changed due to the warm sunny outside.  Nobody wants to heat up the house with hot oven in this kind of weather, right?  Making something cooler like Mango coconut pudding would be more suitable. 

This pudding is inspired by sweet sticky rice and mango, a popular Thai dessert of the summer.  I have made it before and thinking of making it again if I can find sweet Thai mango like nam dok mai that is usually used specifically for this dessert.  Anyway, this pudding is quick and easy, and it takes little time to make.  But it’s required at least two or three hours to chill and set before serving.

So, you need to plan ahead if you want this dessert to be ready after your dinner tonight.

What you need: for 5 servings
1 1/2 cups coconut milk
3/4 cup mango puree (from 2 small manila mangoes)
3 tbsp. sugar – it depends on how sweet the mangoes are
2 tsp. gelatin powder
3 tbsp. water
A pinch of salt
Mango cut in cubes for garnish

1. mix the gelatin powder with water and let it set aside for 10 minutes
2. add coconut milk in a medium sauce pan, sugar, and bloomed gelatin over low heat for approx. 7 minutes or until it gets bubbles.  Take off the heat and whisk in the mango puree to mix well

3. strain the mixture for smooth texture

4. pour the pudding in serving glasses. Let them set in the refrigerator at least 2-3 hours

5. garnish with mango cubes, serve, and enjoy!

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