Friday, January 25, 2013

Gluay Ping / Thai Grilled Banana with Coconut Palm Sugar Sauce

Grilled bananas are my all time favorite snack. Whenever I go visit my family in Thailand, I’d always look for a vendor that selling this kind of snack on the side of the road and eat them like a starving monkey almost every day. I usually buy only grilled whole bananas that’s no smash and no sauce – you have an option of with or without smash and sauce – because the sauce can be very sweet, too sweet for my tooth sometimes. Thai people love eating grilled bananas as a quick snack because they are quick, cheap and very filling. It can also become an instant dessert just by dipping in the coconut palm sugar sauce.

 There are varieties of banana in Thailand as same as here in the U.S. that use for cooking which mostly are for making dessert However, Gluay Nam Wah bananas are famously used for grilling in Thailand but burro bananas and other kinds are also used as well. Bananas for grilling have to be just ripe and still firm so when press it won’t fall apart. 

I have burro banana trees at home that yield fruit all the time but the hubby doesn’t like them that much, which sometime I have to give them away to friends after I grilled them for myself, of course.

Maybe I could make another Thai dessert dish with these burro bananas called “Gluay Buad Chee” or Banana in sweet coconut milk, which usually serve warm. I think it’d be perfect for this kind of weather


What you need: 

4 Burro bananas – ripe and firm 
3/4 cup coconut milk 
3-4 tbsp palm sugar 
Pinch of salt 
Bamboo skewers

How to: 

- First make the caramel sauce by combine coconut milk, palm sugar, and salt in small sauce pan over medium low heat.
- Simmer the sauce and keep stirring to prevent burn until the sauce is getting thicker and turn to caramel color for about 5 minutes. Set aside

- Peel bananas and cut them crosswise about 3/4 inch thick

- Skewer banana into bamboo skewers and grill them over low heat about 3-5 minutes each side or until they get grilled marks

- Place grilled banana stick into a plastic bag and use a heavy object such as a rolling pin or a bottle to press them slightly flat

- Soak or brush them with the coconut caramel sauce and serve them warm


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