Monday, April 15, 2013

Sung-kaya Faktong / Coconut Egg Custard in Kabocha Squash

I went grocery shopping another day and saw this good looking Faktong that made me wanted to make Thai dessert. But I was torn between making Sung-kaya Faktong and Buad Faktong because I like them both. After the very long thoughts (took me days to decide), I decided to make Sung-kaya Faktong first! 

So, what is “Faktong?” Oddly pronounced, isn’t it? Well, Faktong = kabocha squash, and it’s famously used in Thai cooking in both savory and dessert dishes. It’s usually used in red curry with chicken or pork, or in spicy vegetable soup called “Kang Liang,” which is my favorite, and sometimes it can use for stir-fry with egg and meat of your choice that can be eaten with rice. These are just a few dishes cooking with Faktong that most Thais seem to like them a lot. 

Both Sung-kaya Faktong and Buad Faktong are Thai desserts that can easily be found everywhere at the market. They both used coconut milk for the creamy part that lend natural sweet to the dish with the hint of paradise, just like other Thai desserts. I’m pretty sure that most of Thai dessert are called for coconut milk, because we have plenty of coconuts growing in every parts of Thailand. And that we rarely use cow milk in Thai cooking.

Honestly, I don’t make Sung-kaya Faktong that often; I only make it once in a while whenever the wave of nostalgia kick in – just like this time. 

 What you need:

1 1/2 lbs. Kabocha squash                                
4 large eggs
3/4 cup coconut milk                                
3/4 cup palm sugar or brown sugar
A tiny pinch of salt
1 tsp. vanilla extract – optional

How to:
- set the steamer over high heat

- Cut off the top of the squash, clean and scrape out all the seeds, rinse and set aside

- Whisk together the eggs, coconut mile, palm sugar, salt, and vanilla extract (if used) *you can adjust the sweetness more or less per your own liking. Mine was just sweet enough, not too sweet.

- Pour the egg mixture through the fine sieve directly into the prepared squash 

- Bring it to the steamer and steam for about 45-50 minutes without peeking since it might cause the squash to breakup
- Let it cool down completely before cutting and serve


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